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Computed Tomography Scanner System - SHAKE CT Scan

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SHAKE SHR CT 50  bench top model for small part



SHAKE CT SHR 50 is designed for three-dimensional measurement and workpiece analysis as well as it is designed for crack-finding.

With the 3-D-Röntgen-system it is possible to ray through objects with a diameter up to 50 mm.

In connection with the fast reconstruction dimensional volume models are getting calculated (virtual workpiece), on which a size-oriented analysis can be done.



Applications for our CT are as follow:

1)2D and 3D dimension external and internal measuring

2)2D and 3D Fitting to CAD

3)Foreign material checking of mold part

4)Blow hole and crack checking of mold parts

5)Inside cavity, undercut,  deep groove inspection for complex structured products 

6)Reverse engineering

7)Assemble parts analysis

SHAKE CT can be used in the following industries:

· Electronics

· Metalworking

· Plastics

· Molding

· Rubber products


· Medical devices and implants

· Aerospace industry

· Auto parts

· Household Appliances



SHAKE SHR CT 130 bench top model for larger parts


SHAKE SHR CT 160 bench top for large parts


Other larger travel machines can be designed and made for customer.


Application sample: 3D Dimension and cross-section measurement




 Cross-section measurement view1 of above part

  Cross-section measurement view2 of above part


Application sample:  Blow Hole, Crack, Air Gap and assemble part analysis