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Field Service


  If there is any problem with our system,or you need OGP technical support,please contact  021-50458383. In cases where difficulties cannot be resolved on the phone,the OGP Customer Service department can arrange field service for your system.
  Our company will offer a full set of installation, testing and training served by authorized OGP engineers. Warranty period is 12 months as of the date of the completion of the installation and testing. Within the period of guarantee, we will repair the equipment or replace the spare parts for free due to defects of the equipment itself. When Warranty period is over,we will respond in 24 hours after receiving your call. If needed,we can dispatch as soon as possible a skilled OGP engineer to your facility to get your system up and running right away. Depending on the model, annual calibration fees will be collected appropriately. For a discounted price,you can choose to sign a Service Contract with us. 
  OGP also maintains a large parts inventory at our Wai Gao Qiao Bonded Warehouse for current and discontinued systems.